Technical Textiles offers a huge opportunity in India for both local consumption as well as for exports. Based on current usage patterns, the Domestic Consumption market alone is expected to exceed US $ 13 billion by 2012/13. (Rs 62,000 crores). To facilitate the growth of this industry in India, the office of Textile Commissioner Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has announced different schemes to promote Technical Textiles in India. Under the Mini Mission-I of ‘Technology Mission on Technical Textiles' of the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, various Centers of Excellence (CoE) in different segments of Technical Textiles have been created. Centre of Excellence is to provide technical support, knowhow and all the necessary infrastructure at one place for the convenience of the manufacturers of technical textiles in India. Our institute has been designated as Center of Excellence in Nonwovens and Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles has sanctioned Rs. 24.5 Crores to set-up and establishes this prestigious project of CoE in Nonwovens.

In this pursuit, the organization has imprinted its own standards to obtain the accreditation of the international status as a R &D institution apart from providing solutions to various technical and techno-economic problems faced by the industry in a very cost effective mechanism and with quick response time.


Major Activities of Centre of Excellence in Nonwovens

Testing Service
Training and Education
Research & Development and Technical Consultancy
Product and Prototype development
Support to Business start-ups
Standardization and Regulatory Measures
To be the world class ‘Centre of Excellence' for Nonwoven so as to enable the Indian Industry to venture into Technical Textile Manufacturing by
  offering various services like testing, training, product development, research, incubation and dissemination of knowledge and information.
To build a complete institution that supports high quality research and product development in the field of Nonwovens and Technical Textiles.
To create state-of-art testing and certification facilities with national and international accreditation for nonwoven products and Technical Textile materials
To organize workshops, training programmes, seminars and conferences to transfer the knowledge to the industry.
To develop linkages with regional and international agencies, institutions and individuals for research and development in the field of nonwovens and Technical Textiles.
To encourage and assist new entrepreneurs in the Nonwovens and Technical Textiles sector by providing support in project planning, execution, production, and various aspects of management.
Objectives of COE
The basic objective of Centre of Excellence is to provide infrastructure and facilities at one place for the convenience of the manufacturers of Nonwovens used in technical textiles.
To establish testing laboratory, process & prototype development facilities, Sample Bank, training facilities, incubation centers, etc in the field of nonwovens.
To incubate new ideas into practical tradable products.
To disseminate information through training programmes, workshops, seminars, etc.